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What Now

What?Now offers a brand new way to keep track of special moments in your life, and to view time in Moments rather than in hours and minutes. By adding a Moment, you begin a digital timeline animated through photos. It’s a personal network that allows you to share what matters with the people who count. What?Now works in harmony with What? Watches. Once you have created a profile on the app, your moments will sync seamlessly with the watch.

With What?Now you can:

– Keep track of achievements, milestones, and goals

– Keep a personal diary of travels, relationships, or events

– Collaborate with friends to catalogue shared experiences

– Browse friends’ Moments to stay in the loop about their meaningful events

– Share your life’s journey in social media as Timelapse videos

“The What Watch app is a photo-sharing social network, but it’s more than an Instagram wannabe.” -CNET